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Motionless In White - Creatures X: To The Grave

asdasd Метъл 23.10.2020 10:20 83
Motionless In White's official audio for 'Creatures X: To The Grave' - available now on Roadrunner Records.
Stream 'Creatures X: To The Grave' - https://motionlessinwhite.lnk.to/creaturesx
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We sung our lungs out to reach you
Spilling our guts on the pavement that we roamed (far from home)
This is my life’s work
Forever grateful that you made your hearts our home

Cursed, damned, and broken
With the sum of my failures all declared in a moment
Cursed, damned ,and broken
Lost, sick, and left unspoken
I will take this to the grave

I was waiting for my chance to find the life I was chasing.
My god, what have I become... a decade in the making?

I wore my shame on my sleeve
and put my pain on display for all to see
This is my life’s work
What felt like fire but without a thing to burn turned into a scorched earth

Step through the door
10 years 10 more
I’ll take this to my grave

There's always a struggle you don’t see
living in fear I proved myself to me
Forever stepping through the door to the unknown
10 years, 10 more.

I’ll talk this to my grave
With no stain washed away
We were waiting, for our chance to find a life of salvation
My god, what have we become a decade in the making?

I’ll take this to my grave
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