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Mihaela Fileva - Once In a Blue Moon

asdasd БГ Рап 30.10.2020 02:40 97
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Music Producer: Veselin Tsenov
Music: Veselin Tsenov - Algoriddim, Konstantin Angelov, Mihaela Fileva
Arrangement: Veselin Tsenov - Algoriddim, Konstantin Angelov
Lyrics: Blagoslav Atanasov
Mix & Recording: Veselin Tsenov - Algoriddim, Konstantin Angelov
Mastering: Dave Cutch (The Mastering Palace)
Sample: Orbit Sounds by Splice.com

Concept & Director: Boyko Shtonov
DoP: Rosen Savkov
Executive Video Producer: Slav Lambrinov
Stylist: Vasilen Milkov
Assistant styling: Sergei Yordanov
Wаrdrobe: H&M, They ARE (www.theyare.com )
Hair: Parashkev Todorov – Finchi
Makeup: Eliza Popova
Choreography: Radostina Tocheva
Focus Puller/Drone operator: Antoni Stoev
2AC Camera: Lora Musheva
Editing: Boyko Shtonov
Colour Grading: Boris Tivchev @ Motiff Studio
Camera Equipment: Magic Shop
Staring: dog - Ayra; snail - Tihomir

Special thanks to: Joana Ivanova, Magdalena Golomeeva, Nikola Ivanov


Maybe it's pointless to think you can find it
Maybe it's dumb to be looking to ride it
I never believed I could see such perfection
Since we were kids we've been used to rejection

But I met you and you changed my life
Everything you do is always right
didn't take me long to realize
you're all I need

Must have been a blue moon that night
When I had you enter my life
Can't believe I'm falling so deep
loving you has made me complete.

Once in a blue moon

Everything I've done so far it feels so meaningless
For I have found the thing that gives the point of life
And even though the days and nights could be so spiritless
The only thing that gets us through it all is love

You, you're the one thing on my mind
guess your love has made me blind
You're the only one I couldn't live without and I
I know there is no one quite like you
All my dreams are coming true
And I'm going to wherever you might take me now
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