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Dian Solo feat. Eva Maria - Venus

asdasd БГ Музика 23.04.2020 02:20 117
Download/Stream: https://biglink.to/venus
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Released on Which Bottle Records: https://www.facebook.com/WhichBottleRecords/

Dear friends, Dian Solo prepared a really big gift for you! His newest track «Venus» feat. Eva Maria is made of passion, sexy grooves and fanttastic funky rhythmics inside! A super famous anthem from the 20'th century is back in a new funk'n'groovy arrangement with positive vibrations and summer atmosphere. Dian Solo proved himself as a talented Dj and producer, his tracks and remixes work on the dancefloors and radiostations around the world and «Venus» wouldn't be an exception for your party or a playlist! This one definitely should linger in your Dj bag. Just listen to it!   

 #DianSolo #Venus #DeepZoneProject
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