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Code Orange - Swallowing The Rabbit Whole

asdasd Метъл 15.02.2020 13:37 328
swallowing the rabbit whole
down we go... 🕳 🐇 our new album ‘U N D E R N E A T H’ is out 3/13 on Roadrunner Records. pre-order/pre-save at http://codeorange.lnk.to/underneath.

Directed by @maxmoorefilms
Written by Jami Morgan
Director of Photography - Nate Spicer
Production Company - Tuff Contender

it’s even deeper than before...
the hole has swallowed us
the prey are in control
i've seen the other side it's darker than it was
it stretches what i love until it falls apart
in the minutia and the nuance there’s a cloud heavy above
watching it inch closer - the blackest beam to take me up
i can see it couldn't touch it even from the highest rung
in this cell we call a full life - is it here I'm finally stuck?

with the soldiers and all the suffering
all good men - but the smothering of what’s undone
runs like blood
a synesthesia filled needle pokes through the skin
how can i be so certain
that this was more than the sum of our urges?


it felt so good to analyze and correct
but you never really know until the foots on your neck
where will I be when i’ve aged and I can't connect?
with these little rat fuck kids and the pigs that sign the checks
when buzzing noise rots your ears and the breaths clog your chest
or better yet what are you gonna do
when it comes your turn to pay time's debt

like birds of prey spitting out the bone
like watching my dreams come and go
you're staring into your new god’s soul
i'm swallowing the rabbit whole

you're staring into your new god’s soul
i'm swallowing the rabbit whole
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