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02 Taped - Turn The Page

asdasd Рок 11.12.2018 07:25 168
REDFIELD 101: Taped - Empires


iTunes // http://geni.us/empiresitunes
Merchshop.de // http://bit.ly/1yRpP7R
Amazon // http://geni.us/empiresamazoncd


1. New Chapter
2. Turn The Page
3. Values
4. Remember Me
5. Abandoned Youth
6. Interlude I: Rise
7. Wolfpack
8. Changes
9. My War (feat. David Beule of Vitja)
10. Interlude II: Head Up
11. Convictions
12. Behind The Mask
13. Lone[R]anger
14. [Empires] (feat. Bobby Stein of Coyotes)

Turn the page
Welcome to the new age.
this is your chance
to take things in to your own hands
and start from scratch
it's time to write your own story

It's in the air you breath
It's in the words you speak
It's every step you take
It defines your destiny

Work hard and push things forward
You've got to fight for it day by day, by day
You've got to take your chances
and see it as a time to start again.

We wanna sing for those by our side
We wanna sing for those left behind
We wanna sing for the ones that care
We wanna sing for the ones that are here

You've got to face your fears
Wipe away those tears
You've got to find out what it means
to chase your dreams

So if you put in the sweat
just see where you can get
just live without regret
and never look back

Don't ever leave a single stone unturned
Don't ever forget the lessons you have learned
Life's too short to give up on defeat,
when you fall, you've got to get back on your feet

Opt. Ref.:
So here we go let's start again
keep it up, keep it up and never give in
straight ahead with your eyes on the tracks
keep running, keep running


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